Tascam DA-P1


How to set up and record on Tascam DA-P1 portable Dat recorder.


Turn the deck on
On the top of the deck make sure the four toggle switches are set as follows: 
Analog Input “ Mic or Pad 20dB (depending on signal level)  48k
Phantom  off (assuming you are using Sennheiser 60/62/64 mics)
Input Analog

On the front of the deck set Phones level to 0 and Input level to 0 (both left and right)
On the right side of the deck set Limiter to on (recommended but can sound bad)
Also on right side of deck hook up mic(s) and headphones (turn on mics now)
On top of deck press Eject and insert Dat tape
On front of deck Arm Record button (push) you have to Arm the record before you will be  mic(s) levels
On front of deck use Input dials to set a good input level
Hold Record button and press Play at the same time to record sound
At this point the deck operates just like a tape deck or CD player

When you are finished making recordings and listening to your audio re-normalize the deck (set Phones and Input back to 0) Now it is safe to turn off and disconnect the mic(s)