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projection mapping


3D projection is any method of mapping three-dimensional points to a two-dimensional plane. As most current meth- ods for displaying graphical data are based on planar two-dimensional media, the use of this type of projection is wide- spread, especially in computer graphics, engineering and


Projection Mapping is the medium of the moment.

Projection-mapping techniques allow you to paint real world using a simple video projector. With a single projector con- nected to a laptop and the aid of LPMT, you can project your video, images, colors to differently oriented surfaces and compensate projection distortion using deformable quads that can be adjusted directly on the screen by simply dragging their corners.


SOFTWARE: SYPHON : Syphon is an open source Mac OS X technology that allows applications to share frames - full frame rate video or stills - with one another in realtime. Now you can leverage the expressive power of a plethora of tools to mix, mash, edit, sample, texture-map, synthesize, and present your imagery using the best tool for each part of the job. Syphon gives you flexibility to break out of single-app solutions and mix creative applications to suit your needs.

FeaturesSyphon provides an ecosystem for sharing imagery between applications and new media development environ- ments. Syphon is designed to be efficient and will not duplicate resources unnecessarily, keeping your frame rate and best interests in mind.

Hardware acceleration on the GPU - Servers and Clients share video on the graphics card - where it belongs, al- lowing for HD or larger video at 60 FPS

Alpha-channels - share rendered 3D content and video with masks and keys, allowing compositing to happen easily and naturally.

An ever-growing number of Syphon-enabled applications, plus plugin support for Quartz Composer, FreeFrame GL, Max MSP Jitter and Unity Pro A simple SDK so developers can add Syphon to just about any application


BLENDY : Blendy solves the problem many Vjs, artists and projectionists face when more than one projector is needed to cover an area with light. It is usually impossible to make a perfect seamless alignment of multiple projectors side by side. Either you’ll have a gap between them, doubled light, or worse.


CELL DNA : CellDNA is designed for realtime performance of video, images, and sounds. The intuitive, easy to learn interface gets you quickly mixing video, images, and sound. Live video input, realtime recording, an advanced database for tagging, organiz- ing, and finding clips, network control, and integration with Ableton Live makes CellDNA one of the most advanced and flexible video tools in your kit. Extensive MIDI learn, and templates for all of Livid’s Controllers as well as a growing library of other controllers (including the Akai APC40 and APC20) allows you to use any MIDI controller for expressive hands-on performance of real-time video. Extensible with Cycling74’s Max software, the possibilities are endless.


COGE : CoGe is a semi-modular VJ application for Mac OS X®, designed for real-time media mixing and compositing, built over the most powerful graphics technologies like Quartz Composer, OpenGL, Syphon and Core Image. The full rendering is done through the GPU of your graphics card for the maximum performance. CoGe has modular interface and modular ecosystem as well.


EMOTION : eMotion is a tool for creating interactive motions of objects for live visual performances. Electronic motion seems often artificial, synthetic... well... in fact it does not convey any emotions. By defining new rules to create movements, eMotion is a new kind of software made for visual live animations. As it is based on real world physics law, all motions seems natural, full of emphasis. It allows to manipulate different kind of objects like still image, videos, text, drawing. Targeted mainly for theatre/dance performances, it can be used in broader situations.


MADMAPPER : The MadMapper provides a simple and easy tool for mapping projections. It removes a lot of the confusion related to this medium, effectively demystifying the process, allowing you, the artist or designer to focus on creating your content, and making the experience of mapping textures to physical objects in real time, fun.


MILLUMIN : Millumin will help you to integrate video in theaters, shows or mappings


MIXEMERGENCY : MixEmergency is a unique visualisation application capable of being controlled by Scratch Live. It allows the user to mix, scratch and record video and visualisations in real-time.


MODUL8 : Modul8 is software designed from A to Z for performance and real time video. It has been adopted by hundreds of users looking for a tool that is extremely responsive, flexible and easy-to-use. Used in domains as diverse as veejaying, contem- porary art, live performances, theater and video production this software has proven its worthiness in hundreds of projects around the globe b


PLASK : a multimedia programming environment == (nerds) Showreal


SYPHON RECORDER : Record video in realtime from any Syphon-enabled application, and capture stills.


VDMX : Syncing your video effects with live audio is just a click away. A built-in audio analyzer translates any sound into light and movement with intelligent selectivity for volume, frequency, instrument and more. Now the audience can feel your show as well as see it.


WEIV : Have you ever clapped your hands or swayed to the music? By waving a Wii controller as you move, Weiv lets you create your own interactive visual music. Instead of just watching visuals, Weiv’s animated visuals let you interact with them!


VIDEO PROJECTION TOOLS : VPT is a free multipurpose realtime projection software tool for Mac and Windows created by HC Gilje. Among other things it can be used for projecting video on complex forms, adapt a projection to a particular space/surface, combine recorded and live footage, for multiscreen HD playback, for interactive installations using arduino sensors or camera tracking ++

VPT has become a popular tool for theatre and installation use, but is also used by VJs.


VVVV - A MULTIPURPOSE TOOLKIT : : vvvv is a graphical programming environment for easy prototyping and development. It is designed to facilitate the han- dling of large media environments with physical interfaces, real-time motion graphics, audio and video that can interact with many users simultaneously.

How To Project On 3D Geometry


LPMT : A simple, free and powerful tool for Projection-Mapping framework for OpenFrameworks…


CREATE DIGITAL MOTION : Great site for inspiration, information, and new techniques.



Early projection mapping artist works in the minimalist vein


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