Sennheiser K6


How to turn on, setup, handle, and hookup Sennheiser 62/64/66 mics.


First off these are nice expensive professional grade microphones. They deserve your respect and can be surprisingly fragile. Do not drop, jiggle, shake, use around high SPLs (sound pressure levels), or touch the mics to a sound source. Do not put the mics into the shock mount before screwing the mount onto a boom pole or stand. Don’t try to multitask while handling the mics. Do not subject them to moisture or electrical currents. 

1. Check to make sure that the battery you are using is good.
2. Insert battery into mic body (KP) (note battery direction)
3. Select the capsule that best suits your application and screw it onto the mic body
    Omni (ME62) for non-directional general ambient sound
    Cardiod (ME64) for directed pickup
    Hyper-Cardiod (ME66) for pinpoint accuracy
4. Select the roll off setting on the mic body (use paper clip)
5. Attach shock mount to boom pole, mic stand, or handle

6. Insert mic into shock mount
7. Plug XLR cable into the mic and then into the recording device, make sure that all levels on the recording device are turned all the way down, then plug them in.