Flash Videos


Playing with videos in Flash.
*Note there are more Flash tutorials on this site under "Web and networking"

1. Choose a (quicktime) video that you would like to use. 
    -Go to file > import > import video

-I’m going to be using one of Robby Rackleff’s videos (already on this computer). 

-I want to embed this video in SWF and play in timeline

-I want the symbol to be "Embedded Video" and the audio track to be "Integrated"

-You can adjust the quality of your video

-You can also crop and resize the video

-You should have a video icon like this in your library.

2. At this point you want to make sure that your frame rate matches your original video 
(most likely 30 frames per second). 

Also, you might need to adjust the size of your document to match your video (720x480).

3. I created a title page on the first frame and put a stop(); in the actions layer
    - Notice I have 4 layers: actions, a title layer, buttons, and the movie on the bottom layer

4. I also added some buttons:

1.  2.  3. 

-For the first button I added the action

on (press) {gotoAndPlay("title");

I also labled the first frame title (if you don’t do this replace "title" with "1")

-For the second button I added the action

on (press) {gotoAndPlay("rob_movie");

(Note) I’ve labed my frames, so if you haven’t done this you would replace "rob_movie" with "2" 

(Note) the following image is from frame 90 (or 3 seconds into the video)

I edited roby’s video to be 555 frames, 30 frames per second, 18.5 seconds.

-For the third button I added the action

on (press) {stop();