After Effects

TO DO LIST for After Effects:

Before you begin make sure you have 1 folder with all of your files in it (all images, text, quicktime videos etc…)


After you open After Effects, you begin by creating a new compostion

The standard size is:

29.97 Frames per second
Resolution: Full 

hours; minutes; seconds; frames


To start having fun,

go to file -> import -> file (or multiple files)

Import as footage (or for psd documents you can import as cropped layers)
When you have finished,

go to composition -> make movie…

when the Render Queue menu pops up:
-Render Settings: (should be) Best Settings 
-Output Module: (click on lossless and check audio output if there is sound)
            -Based on "Lossless"
-Select where to Output To: (what to save it as)

Then press Render
**Note you can (and should) put more than one Comp in a movie