Flash - Getting Started


The different Flash windows have been numbered for the key underneath the image. The key will provide a basic description of the varied uses of each window.



The Library is one of the most essential tools in working with Flash, primarily because any external files (images, sound, video, etc.) imported into the file are stored in the library. The library also stores any symbols- graphics, buttons and movie clips - that have been created. A complex Flash project can include an enormous amount of symbols (the file below contains 271!). To keep your project's library organized and easy-to-use, develop a structure for naming all of the files and symbols within your library.


Flash's Color window is similar to color windows in programs like Photoshop and Illustrator. It includes color options for both the fill and outline colors of an object - ie. rectangle or free form shape. The opacity of the color of an object or text can also be defined using the "Alpha" slider. There is also a field to input RGB color numbers to match specific hues.