Executing AppleScripts


FSCommands in Flash 8 Projectors can be used to execute or run external applications, from opening up Photoshop or TextEdit to running more dynamic AppleScripts. To insert an FSCommand on a button in Flash that opens up an application, you simply need to apply the script seen in the screenshot below to your button. This command could also be applied to a specific frame. "Your_Script_Name.app" refers to the name of the AppleScript you want to run, but this could also look like "TextEdit.app" to open up the Apple TextEdit program.  The advantage to executing an AppleScript would be to run a more dynamic process.  For example, I have used an AppleScript that takes a captures a screenshot of my entire screen and saves it to a specific folder on the desktop.  This script, initiated from a specific button in my Flash animation allows me to capture every change to my animation throughout its run in a gallery.