Not yet compatible with Flash CS3, FSCommands can be used to control and playback and appearance of stand-alone projector files created in Flash 8. Some of the useful functions include running external applications (like Applescripts) as well as launching the projector in full screen mode automatically.

The following table from the Adobe Support site outlines the commands available and a brief description.

Command Arguments Purpose
allowscale true or false Specifying false sets the player so that the animation is always drawn at its original size and never scaled. Specifying true forces the animation to scale to 100% of the player.
exec Path to application Executes an application from within the projector. In Macromedia Flash MX this application must be in a folder named "fscommand" which is a direct subfolder of the projector.
fullscreen true or false Specifying true sets the Flash Projector to full-screen mode. Specifying false returns the player to normal window mode.
quit None Closes the projector.
showmenu true or false Specifying true enables the full set of context menu items. Specifying false removes all the context menu items except About Macromedia Flash Player.
trapallkeys true or false Passes all keystrokes (including ESC and function keys) to the projector.


*The exec command is really useful for working with Applescripts that run other functions that might be a part of an interactive project.