Risograph Service Interruption 9-11-19

Due to unforeseen technical issues the Grad Lab's Risograph machine is currently limited in its printing capabilities. We are working closely with our vendor to get service for the machine ASAP and will message out when repairs have been completed and the Risograph is back in full working order. During this temporary period while we are waiting for our vendor to complete service, all print jobs must be scheduled through Patrick Hunt and Ben McNutt until the issue is resolved.

Wednesday May 23rd the Grad Lab's Main Computer Lab, Drobo, Print Lab and Checkout will reopen!

The Grad Lab is pleased to announce that starting tomorrow Wednesday May 23rd the Grad Lab's Main Computer Lab, Drobo, Print Lab and Checkout will reopen!
Main Lab access will begin at 8am on Wednesday May 23 2018.
Checkout and Print Lab hours will resume at 12noon on Wednesday May 23 2018 and will follow the Lab's interim schedule until June 11th (hours posted here: http://graduate.mica.edu/newlab/Hours)

New Printer in Print Lab

The Grad Lab has a new printer! The Lab now has an Epson P20000. This printer is capable of printing on roll paper that is up to 64” wide. There do not seem to be a large number of papers available at the full 64” width yet but the Lab has purchased 60” Silver Rag and 64” Epson Enhanced Matte. Printing on this printer will require a printing reservation to be made in advance via the Contact Page on this website.

Drobo Links

The Grad Lab Drobo and Mavericks seem to be having a bit of trouble communicating. As a result there are 2 links that appear when you connect to the Drobo. Please note that you should be using "GradLabDrobo" Link and not the link with your user name. To find your user folder you must follow both the "GradLabDrobo" and "students" links then locate your folder in the list of user names. Please see the Screen shots below to elaborate.


Do not try to use this folder it will not work!


The Grad Lab is pleased to announce the addition of the Avid Media Composer software bundle. Avid Media Composer, the industry standard Non-Linear Editing (NLE) System for film and video, is now available in the Main Lab on the HD Video Editing Station and on the Video Editing 1 Station.  Additionally, both Video Editing Suites 1 and 2 also have the Media Composer software bundle installed.