The Print Lab is a part of the Grad Lab that gives MICA graduate students access to color managed professional grade Ink Jet Printers, Risographic Duplicators and high quality color Laser Printers. Students must bring their files ready to print and allocate enough time for a tech to print them. Students must make an appointment before coming to print. For best results it is also recommended that all files be soft proofed on the Grad Lab's color managed Proofing Workstations before they are printed. For more information on using the Grad Lab's Proofing Workstations and image proofing please visit our Proofing Workstations page. Please use the links in the side bar to find additional information regarding both printing processes.



Hours and Appointments

To make a printing appointment simply fill out our printing form here. Please make appointments at least 24 hours in advance. Check the Printing & Checkout hours to to check the Lab's hours of operation. You may also contact us by phone at 410.225.4107 with questions.


To make a printing reservation click here.



The Print Lab offers students the opportunity to print at cost. Our prices vary based on paper type and printing process but all prices are kept as low as possible and are generally much cheaper then commercial print labs.


The Grad Lab accepts all major credit and debit cards, most contactless payments like Apple Pay and Google Pay, and MICARD/CBOARD Flex Account funds.

The Grad Lab offers students all available payment options at cost.

This means that, to help keep our printing prices low and our other services running, if there is a fee associated with processing a payment that cost will be factored into a patrons total as follows:

  • MICARD/CBOARD Flex Account transactions no service fee!
  • Credit card transactions incur a 10% service fee
  • Debit card transactions incur a 10% service fee
  • Contactless transactions incur a 10% service fee


You can add money to your MICARD online here.


Information on how to soft proof here. 


Grad Lab Operating Humidity Policy

To ensure the quality of printing services rendered to students, faculty and staff, as well as the proper operation of Grad Lab equipment, the Grad Lab will suspend printing services if/when the humidity in the Lab exceeds our Normal Operating Humidity.

 Based on generally accepted norms for an indoor work environment and printing equipment specifications, the Grad Lab’s Normal Operating Humidity is defined as being under 60% humidity as measured in the Print Lab.

 If/when the humidity in any part of the Print Lab falls outside of this range printing services will be suspended, meaning that all printing will cease and patrons will need to reschedule printing reservations.

 Once the humidity in all parts of the Print Lab has been stabilized and remains within the Grad Lab’s Normal Operating Humidity range for a minimum of one hour, Grad Lab staff will begin bringing equipment back online.

 The Lab will resume printing services to students and faculty once all equipment and resources have been brought back online and their proper operation has been verified.



The Grad Lab, Equipment Checkout, Computer Lab and Print Lab resources are available for students enrolled in a graduate program at MICA. An active MICA Graduate ID card is required to enter the Grad Lab, to check out equipment or to use computer and printing resources.