What is processing?

a computer language originally conceived by Ben Fry and Casey Reas in 2001. Their objective was to develop a simple lan- guage for use by designers and artist so that they could experiemnt without needing an extensive knowledge of computer programming.


It is a framework built using programming language called Java.

Chararitics of Java an therefore Processing - multi platform | runs on windows, mac, or linux - secure | high level cryptography for the exchange of private information - network-centric | apps can be built around internet protocals - dynamic | dynamic memory allocation and memmory garbage collection - international | supports international characters - performance | just-in-time compiles and optimizers - simplicity | easier to learn than other languages such as C, C++, or even Java


Variable Types A few of the more commonly used variable types. There are a few others please see the documentation at http://processing. org/reference/ for more details.


int float String

boolean isInside = false; boolean myCoatisAsweater = false;

int frogs = 10 float appleSize = 7.2 String my_name = Travis Masingale

When you declare a variable you also need to tell the program what type of variable it is and if necessary give it an initial value.

type name = value;

int myAge = 36;


Arithmetic Operations Operator Use Description

+ - * / %

op1 + op2 Adds op1 and op2

op1 - op2 op1 * op2 op1 / op2 op1 / op2

Subtracts op2 from op1 Multiplies op1 by op2 Divides op1 by op2 Computes the remainder of dividing op1 by op2



It is a good idea to comment your code for your own reference of for others who look at your code

// for one line comments

/* Use these if you want to write mulitline comments



If statements

if (condition) ....;




String name = “Travis”; boolean itsMe;



if( username = “Travis”) { itsMe = true;

} else { itsMe = false; }

A loop is a repitiion of statements

for loop

allows you to declare a starting condition, an ending condition, and a modification step.

while loop

continually executes a block of statements while a condition remains true.

for (start condition; end condition; modification step ) { ...;


for (int i=0; i<10; i=i+1) { println(i); // will printout the value of i


while (expressio) { statment




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