The Video Editing Suites

The Video Editing Suites provide students a work space in which to edit sound and video into a finished DVD or Blu-Ray based project. Most of the hardware and all of the software available in the Video Editing Suites is also available in the Main Computer Lab, however the Video Editing Suites provide a semi private sonic and visual environment for critical audio or video editing. Compared to the Main Computer Lab the additional functionality found in the Editing Suites are a 3D HD TV and Pro Tools 5.1 surround system. Additionally, the Suites provide a good location for creating voice over or other simple recordings. The Video Editing Suites are available for checkout via The Grad Lab’s online checkout system just as a piece of equipment would be. All students are welcome and encouraged to use the Editing Suites, however they do require a bit of advanced knowledge about video routing and Pro Tools, so if you do not need the 3D or 5.1 functionality or are just getting started with video editing you may find the Video Editing Work Stations in the Main Lab easier to use and more productive for you. Please feel free to contact the Coordinator to setup an appointment to go over the Video Editing Suites use if you feel it will help you utilize the space.



Video Work flow Notes

The Video Editing Suites are setup for a professional video work flow. Taking this work flow into account, The 3D HD TV is set up as both a video monitor accessible only through the Black Magic card output or as a 3rd computer monitor. Additionally, the TV can be used to play content form the Blu-Ray player. These different inputs are all available by selecting different HDMI inputs on the TV.

HDMI 2 - Connects to the Computer

HDMI 3 - Connects to the Blu-Ray Player

HDMI 4 - Connects to the Black Magic Card

Also note, that the only way to get full 5.1 surround sound output is through Pro Tools.



Functionality unique to the Video Editing Suites:

  • Panel mounted connections for BNC Breakout Cables from Black Magic Card for analog to digital encoding of Component video signals.
  • Blu-Ray Recorder for burning Blu-Ray compatible media.
  • 3D Blu-Ray Player for viewing 3D and or Blu-Ray encoded media.
  • 42” 3D TV for viewing 3D encoded media.
  • 5.1 Surround speaker setup for mixing or monitoring 5.1 encoded material from Pro Tools.
  • A dedicated Mic Pre and quitter environment for recording voice over or other simple audio material.




Usage notes:


The Avid MBox Pro must be turned on before launching Pro Tools on the workstation. Note that it takes the MBox about 2 min to fully turn on and calibrate its self… be patient. If you do not have the MBox powered on when you launch Pro Tools, a number of the Pro Tools preference files associated with your account will be corrupted and you will be unable to use Pro Tools on that workstation until your account is fixed (if this happens let a Tech know so they can get the Coordinator to fix your account).



The volume knob on the MBox Pro only controls the volume of the Left and Right Front speakers. This means that when using a stereo, 2.1 or a 5.1 output from Pro Tools the volume knob MUST REMAIN AT FULL VOLUME so that the Front Left and Right speakers volume are consistent with the rears, center and LFE channel volumes. ALL VOLUME ADJUSTMENTS SHOULD BE DONE USING THE BLUE SKY REMOTE.



Low Latency Monitoring (LLM) has been acting funny in Pro Tools Version 10. You cannot use LLM if you have a 5.1 I/O Setting loaded in your project so MAKE SURE YOU ARE ONLY USING A STEREO OUTPUT WITH LLM. Additionally, some times LLM will not work even with a stereo I/O mode selected. If this is the case and you can get input without LLM on, ENABLE LLM AND RECORD 15sec OF AUDIO. After this LLM should magically start working.



When routing I/O output options for a 5.1 mix I/O output you must switch the order of the Right Front and Center channel so that the I/O output path reads L,R,C,Lr,Rr,LFE. Instead of remembering to switch these setting every time you wish to use a 5.1 I/O setup, simply import the preexisting Grad Lab output setting file for 5.1 or Stereo when switching I/O output setups.



The Master Volume and LFE Gain on the sub woofer have been calibrated specifically for the frequency response of the Video Suites DO NOT CHANGE ANY SETTINGS ON THE SUB OR ON THE BLU SKY REMOTE.



The Avalon Microphone Pre Amplifier is a tube-based mic per amp. Thus, it needs to be on for at least 15 min before using it to allow the tubes in it to come up to temperature.



All usable input and output paths are available through the connections provided on the front panel. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO CHANGE ANY OF THE CONNECTIONS IN THE RACK.



The 42” 3D HD TV screens are connected to both the Blu-Ray player the Black Magic Card. HDMI input 3 is connected to the Blu-Ray player and HDI input 4 is connected to the Black Magic Card.






If you are experiencing difficulty or would like more information about any of the equipment in the Video Editing Suite, please see the manuals listed below:


Download the Black Magic DeckLink HD Extreme 3D Video Card manual here.

Download the Sony HVR-M15AU HD DV Deck manual here.

Download the Sony BDP-S780 Blu-Ray player manual here.

Download the Avalon VT-737SP Microphone Pre-amp manual here.