Documentation Space

The Grad Lab Documentation Space is located in Lazarus Center room G40 on the ground floor of 1801. It is an approximately 640 square foot room that has white walls, 12’ high ceilings and a concrete floor. The walls can be used to hang art works as long as fasteners are removed and holes left do not exceed the size of a Quarter. Also, inside the room students can find two 12 foot A-Frame ladders, permanently installed backdrop mounting brackets that support 107” and 53” backdrop rolls, and four Manfrotto 046MC Expander Drive Roll Holders.
The Documentation Room is available for checkout through the Grad Lab's Webcheckout desk.


Students are welcome to use the Grad Lab Documentation Space for any project or activity they see fit so long as it does not result in damage or alteration to the Documentation Space (including all items and fixtures there in), or violation of any MICA Policies.




Students are responsible for cleaning the Documentation Space after use, removing any and all fasteners used in the walls, and returning the space (including all items and fixtures therein) in good condition.




Students are financially responsible for all fees resulting from damage, cleaning, missing items, damaged or missing fixtures, lost keys, alterations to the space or locks, and any other fees associated with returning the space (including all items and fixtures therein) to operational condition.


Charges are assessed on a case by case basis and are dependent on the cost of repair work.



Examples of excessive damage include but are not limited to:

  • Holes in walls that are larger than a Quarter  
  • Painting any section of the ceiling, walls or floor
  • Adhering anything to the ceiling, walls or floor using adhesives (glue, mastic, caulk etc.)
  • Any alterations to the ceiling, walls, floor, fixtures or items therein that would require repair or replacement


Examples of Normal wear and tear damage include but are not limited to:

  • Holes from fasteners that are smaller than a Quarter
  • Small marks that can be covered with one coat of paint