Scanning Workstations

There are three Scanning Workstations in the Grad Lab. Each Scanning station is connected to one of the three scanners located in the Lab. All three Scanning Workstations are setup to scan through VueScan and or Silver Fast. There should be a short cut to the VueScan and or Sivler Fast program located on the dock of each computer, however if for whatever reason it is not there, simply navigate into the applications folder and open the application from there. All of the Scanning Workstations are also color managed for print work (not video) and calibrated to work within the Lab's color management system. This means that these Workstations are suitable for soft proofing. For more information on how to soft proof your images in the Lab, see the Proofing Stations page.


If the glass on any of the scanners appears to be dirty, DO NOT attempt to clean it yourself. Ask one of the Grad Lab Techs for help.


Scanning Station1 - Nikon Cool Scan 9000

Scanning Station 1 is attached to the Nikon Cool Scan 9000 Scanner. This scanner will scan 35mm and medium format film as well as slides. To scan on the Nikon 9000 you must place your film into a film tray before loading it into the scanner. There are different types of film trays for each type of film that can be scanned located in the filing cabinet behind the scanning stations marked Scanning Accessories.


Scanning Station 2 - Epson 11000XL

Scanning Station 2 is attached to the Epson 11000XL scanner. This scanner is primarily a document scanner. It is great at scanning information from books or other printed works but should not be your first choice for scanning photographic negatives.


Scanning Station 3 - Epson V750

Scanning Station 3 is attached to the Epson V750 scanner. The V750 will scan documents, transparencies, and all film types from 35mm to 8x10. To use the film scanning portion of the scanner film must be loaded into trays before it is fed into the scanner. There are different trays for each film type that the V750 can scan and they are located in the filing cabinet behind the scanning stations marked Scanning Accessories.