Checkout Tips

The following tips and information are meant to help you get the most out of using the Grad Lab Checkout. Please look it over and ask one of the Lab Techs or the Coordinator if you have any additional questions.


When making reservations:

  • When making reservations don’t schedule pickups or returns within 15 minutes of Checkout opening or closing. This will help you avoid fines as checkouts and returns are not possible outside of our operating hours.


When picking up equipment:

  • Remember to look through your equipment to insure that it is complete and undamaged before you leave the Lab.
  • Ask questions about the equipment you are checking out if you are not familiar with it.
  • Setup and operate the equipment that you checked out before leaving the Lab. This will help insure that you have everything you need and that all of the equipment you checked out is in working order.
  • Download equipment manuals form our checkout web site if you need additional information.


When returning Equipment:

  • Please do not schedule returns within 15 minutes of Checkout’s opening or closing times. The Techs cannot access our checkout system outside of our operating hours.
  • Remember to return your kits correctly packed.
  • Remember that the Grad Lab Techs are required to check every piece of equipment you return thoroughly before returning it. This means that you should plan on bringing your equipment back to Checkout at least 30 minutes before it is due to avoid fines. If you have ton of stuff out you might even consider coming a half hour in advance.


When using equipment:

  • When using the Lab’s equipment we ask that you treat it respectfully. We do our best to keep everything clean and in working order so please help us make that possible.
  • Remember that if you have equipment checked out you are responsible for it regardless of who you let use or borrow it.
  • Also Rememeber that we do not charge the batteries in our kits so that students can have access to our equipment faster (some batteries take as much as 12 hours to charge). So factor in time to recharge the batteries.


If something breaks or goes missing:

  • Let the Grad Lab Staff know as soon as you can so that he can work with you to find a resolution.


As a courtesy:

  • The Web Checkout system will email your MICA mail about an hour in advance of a scheduled return.
  • The Web Checkout system will email your MICA mail to alert you of over due equipment.
  • The Web Checkout system can only send emails to your MICA mail.
  • These email alerts are provided as a courtesy in an attempt to help insure you remain informed. As always on time returns are your responsibility.


Unforeseen lab closure:

  • In the event of Lab closure due to inclement weather or other unforeseen circumstances, Checkouts that are due during the Lab’s closure will be given a 24 hour grace period for return.
  • The 24 hour grace period starts form each items original due date/time.
  • Items returned beyond this 24 hour period are subject to the Lab’s normal fine schedule.




The Grad Lab, Equipment Checkout, Computer Lab and Print Lab resources are available for students enrolled in a graduate program at MICA. An active MICA Graduate ID card is required to enter the Grad Lab, to check out equipment or to use computer and printing resources.