Basic Laser Prints


The Grad Lab offers students the ability to make Basic Laser Prints on an as-needed basis without the need for a reservation. These prints can be paid for and retrieved during the Grad Lab's Print Lab Operating hours. Basic Laser Prints are black and white single sided prints that are made on 20lb basic laser paper and are less than about 20MB in size (about the size of an email). If you need to print a form, reading for class, a paper or other small black and white documents this is probably the best printing method for you.

You can make a Basic Laser Print at any time from any computer in the Grad Lab's Main Computer Lab. Just use the computers print feature as you normally would and your job will print to the Basic Laser Printer.

For you to retrieve your print(s) the Print Lab must be open and you must be able to pay for the pages you have printed.

Basic Laser Prints are priced at $0.05 per page.




The Grad Lab, Equipment Checkout, Computer Lab and Print Lab resources are available for students enrolled in a graduate program at MICA. An active MICA Graduate ID card is required to enter the Grad Lab, to check out equipment or to use computer and printing resources.