New Printer in Print Lab

The Grad Lab has a new printer! The Lab now has an Epson P20000. This printer is capable of printing on roll paper that is up to 64” wide. There do not seem to be a large number of papers available at the full 64” width yet but the Lab has purchased 60” Silver Rag and 64” Epson Enhanced Matte. Printing on this printer will require a printing reservation to be made in advance via the Contact Page on this website. A reservation is required due to the fact that the paper is very difficult for one person to handle thus printing must be done when we can insure that more then one Tech can be present.
Additionally, the Lab is now stocking a new paper type called Epson Crystal Clear. This is a clear plastic substrate like the Epson Display Trans only completely translucent.
Finally, the Lab’s 9880 will now be used for “Experimental” printing. What does this mean? Well… it means you can pretty much run any paper type you want through the printer. Ink pricing will still apply and be aware that due to the fact that non-archival papers are bound to be run through this printer no print made on it will be archival.