Grad Lab Drobo

The Grad Lab offers students access to data storage space on the Lab's Drobo System. The information stored on this space is in no way guaranteed by the Lab, however Drobo systems have a reputation of being very reliable archiving drives. Unlike the computer workstations in the Grad Lab, the folders on the Drobo will not be cleared until that student has graduated. The Drobo is not meant to serve as your only data storage location. It is meant to serve as an additional space that can be used for on-going projects or as a place to save information when you forgot to bring your personal external hard drive. Because the Drobo is designed to safely archive data, it's transfer rates are a bit slow meaning that you cannot work from files stored on the Drobo you can only save to it once your finished working on your files. To use the Grad Lab Drobo simply choose it from Bonjour or the list of shared drives in the finder, then login using your MICA user name and password.