COVID Main Computer Lab Access

Grad Lab In-Person Main Computer Lab FAQ



In an effort to provide support for alternate means of student production, If/when the MICA campus is in Operational Modes 3 or 4, the Grad Lab will provide In-Person services for MICA Graduate Students during the Spring 2021 semester. The following FAQ is designed to help students navigate In-Person Main Computer Lab Access.


When is the Main Computer Lab Open?

In order to ensure the health and safety of students and staff alike and to align with MICA’s occupancy and distancing guidelines, student access to the Main Computer Lab is limited to times when the Grad Lab staff are not present. Operating hours for the Main Computer Lab are listed on our site here:


How do I access the Lab?

Access to the Main Computer Lab will be on a first come first served basis. There is no need nor way to make an appointment or to reserve time on a workstation. Simply come to the space during its operating hours.


Is there an occupancy limit?

Occupancy for the Main Computer Lab has been set. It is up to Lab users to adhere to this strict occupancy limit.


Is there a time limit on workstation usage?

During operating hours you are welcome to stay and work as long as you wish.


How will I physically distance in the Lab?

We have added circular “bubbles” on the floor to show proper workstation distancing. To properly distance in the Lab make sure no other patrons are occupying bubbles that intersect with the one you are in. Additionally, we have instituted “one way traffic” in the Lab’s aisles as indicated by the arrows on the floor. Please follow these traffic flows as you enter and exit the Lab.


How/when are the Workstations cleaned?

The Main Computer Lab will use “gym style” cleaning. Meaning that cleaning workstations before and after use is up to patrons. The Grad Lab will provide clearly marked tubs of disinfecting wipes in the Lab space. Please use these wipes to clean workstations before and after use to insure the health and safety of yourself and other patrons