COVID In-Person Printing

Grad Lab In-Person Printing FAQ



In an effort to provide support for alternate means of student production, If/when the MICA campus is in Operational Modes 3 or 4, the Grad Lab will provide In-Person services for MICA Graduate Students during the Spring 2021 semester. The following FAQ is designed to help students navigate the In-Person printing process.


How will In-Person printing work?

Simply request a printing appointment through the Contact Page of the Grad Lab’s Website at least one week in advance and we will help you set up a time to print via Zoom (


Can I make a print without scheduling an appointment?

No. All Grad Lab services are on appointment-basis only. And require at least one week advanced notice.


What if I have questions?

If you have questions before your appointment we are happy to email, call or Zoom (recommended) with you to answer questions. Otherwise we will help you through the printing process via Zoom during your printing appointment


What types of printing will be supported?

We will continue to support all of the printing processes listed on our website including Laser, Inkjet and Riso printing (


What will pricing be?

Pricing for printing will remain the same as what is listed on our site (


How will you get my files?

Just email or digitally share the file(s) you would like to have printed with Graduate Printing


How will I get my prints?

Once your job has been printed we will reach out to you and schedule a pickup time. Once scheduled, just will come to the Grad Lab L540A Lazarus Center 131 W North Ave. When you arrive your print(s) will be laid out for you on our “Print Pickup” table.


When will you make my prints/what is the turn-around time?

We will print material on a first come first served bases. Exact turnaround time will differ but Techs should be able to give you a good estimate before you commit to a print job.


How do I pay?

A Grad Lab Tech will arrange to take payment during your printing appointment. The Lab will continue to accept MICARD and credit card payment.



Grad Lab In-Person Printing Policies and Procedures



  • Once you have requested an appointment via the website a Grad Lab Tech will contact you to setup a printing appointment date and time and arrange for the transfer of your files.


  • We recommend a Zoom session with the Technician who will be running your print job.


  • During your printing appointment via Zoom the Tech will vet your file(s), give any needed recommendations and take payment for the prints.


  • As always, the Technician is available to make printing recommendations and physically run the printers. Technicians cannot engage in your student production. In other words, you are responsible for making any recommended changes to your file before printing. Techs simply print files as they are sent.


  • Once you are satisfied with the state of your file(s) the Tech will run your print job(s) and work with you to establish a pickup time within 3 business days of print job completion.


  • Be advised that even with the best color management system in place, prints and files will have differences in color, saturation, and dynamic range. We recommend running test prints before committing to large jobs.


  • On the day/time of your pickup appointment come to the Grad Lab 540A Lazarus Center (131 W North Ave.). When you arrive, your print(s) will be waiting on our “Print Pickup” table.


  • Pickups are scheduled in 15min intervals so make sure you are on time.


  • All other Policies/Procedures/Expectations for On-Campus and In-Person conduct as laid out by MICA and/or included in MICA’s Societal Contract must be strictly adhered to at all times while in Grad Lab spaces.