COVID In-Person Checkout Services

Grad Lab In-Person Equipment Checkout FAQ


In an effort to provide support for alternate means of student production, If/when the MICA campus is in Operational Modes 3 or 4, the Grad Lab will provide In-Person services for MICA Graduate Students during the Spring 2021 semester. The following FAQ is designed to help students navigate the In-Person checkout process.


How will In-Person Equipment Checkout Work?

This service will allow students to select equipment from the Grad Lab’s Webcheckout portal and then pickup and drop off equipment in-person at the Grad Lab (L540A, 131 W North Ave Baltimore MD 21201).


What Grad Lab equipment is available for checkout?

All Grad Lab equipment is available.


What are the Grad Lab’s operating hours?

Check the Grad Lab website for operating hours


How do I request equipment?

Use Webcheckout to make a reservation request. All reservation requests must be made at least 1 week in advance of the reservations requested pickup time.


Can I get equipment without a reservation?

No. All Grad Lab services are on appointment-basis only.


Can I get help selecting equipment?

Absolutely just use the form on our website ( to request a consultative appointment. Consultation services are available via phone, email or Zoom.


How will I know my reservation request has been approved?

All reservation requests will need to be approved. Once approved you will receive email confirmation.


How do I pick up equipment?

Once your reservation request has been approved and your reservation time is set, just come to the Grad Lab L540A Lazarus Center 131 W North Ave. Once you arrive you will find your equipment on our “Equipment Pickup” table.


How long do I have to get equipment when I’m picking up?

Pickups are scheduled every 15min so make sure you arrive promptly at the time specified on your reservation.


How do I know when my equipment is due?

Just check your Webcheckout account. It will have a list of all your activity including current checkouts and when they are due.


How do I drop off equipment?

When you are finished with equipment just come to the Grad Lab L540A Lazarus Center 131 W North Ave at least 1hour before the return time specified on your reservation. Once you arrive place your equipment on our “Return” table.


Are there still late equipment fines?

Yes. Make sure you return equipment at least 1 hour before it is due to ensure that it is returned on time and you do not accrue late fines.


Can I still make back to back reservations?

No. Once returned to the Lab, all equipment must be held for 24 hours to allow for disinfecting.






Grad Lab In-Person Checkout Policies and Procedures


  • Reservation requests must be made at least one week in advance of pickup date.



  • Once a reservation request is made on the Grad Lab’s Webcheckout portal, Grad Lab staff will approve your reservation request and or reach out to you to discuss your request as needed.


  • Once your reservation is approved come to the Grad Lab L540A Lazarus Center (131 W North Ave.) at the time/date specified on your Webcheckout reservation and retrieve your items from our “Equipment Pickup” table.


  • Pickups are scheduled in 15min intervals so make sure you are on time.


  • All equipment hand offs are contactless so please give us space and follow directions when dropping or receiving equipment.


  • Once you receive your items you are encouraged to inspect them before leaving.


  • When your return time approaches come to the Grad Lab L540A Lazarus Center (131 W North Ave.) at least 1 hour in advance of the date/time specified on your Webcheckout account. Once you have arrived just drop your items on the “Equipment Return” Table.


  • To avoid late fees return your equipment at least 1 hour before it is due, more if you have many items.


  • A Grad Lab Tech will reach out to you if anything is found to be wrong with your items when they are returned.


  • The Grad Lab will continue to fine for late items as outlined in the Terms and Conditions Form (available here: so make sure you are returning items on time.


  • As always the Grad Lab will hold patrons responsible for lost, damaged and or incomplete items as per the Student Replacement Policy (listed on Terms and Conditions Form available here: so make sure kits are complete and check your equipment thoroughly before returning it to the Lab.


  • All other Policies/Procedures/Expectations for On-Campus and In-Person conduct as laid out by MICA must be strictly adhered to at all times while in Grad Lab spaces.